Getting to know our process

Life as an organic hemp farmer is not simple there are many ways to incorporate organic methods into your micro cultivation grow. Think of organic growing more in terms of a broad spectrum of possibilities. Since there currently aren’t any regulations in the hemp industry as to what qualifies as true organic hemp farming, many types exist. As a result, we have developed our Lilly Lake Farm preference to product big healthy plants.

For starters, we use naturally amended soil for our grow buckets as a first step in creating a healthy sustainable grow environment. Building a clean and sustainable organic soil for hemp grow buckets is essential in creating food for the microorganisms that will ultimately help keep our plants healthy with organic nutrients. Our organic soil amendments include compost, and cow manure these ingredients help our microorganisms to thrive in a controlled environment.

We both build and acquire our ingredients individually and mix them to suite our preference for healthy hemp growth. Since this soil then requires less maintenance other than watering and checking for pests. Our organic soil has not needed pH adjustments since we created our outdoor bucket grow methods, we produce and supply nutrients to our hemp plants with little need for additives.

Each spring we start by removing the root ball and adding a bit of dry mycorrhizal fungi to the soil to get the juices flowing, and we are ready to go for a new grow season. No tilling is needed as organic sustainability only relies on the survival of the buckets. Using these buckets is also allowing us time to deter pest damage organically.

Our process for controlling pests at our organic hemp site include plants like basil, dill and marigolds, as well as biological bacillus thuringiensis, also known as BT and diatomaceous earth (DE) help with effective foliar agents against pests in our field.

We choose our organic hybrid grows to take place outdoors we find with organics, the primary focus is to build the best soil and provide water as well nutritional access for our plants as needed. Feeding our organic hemp was as easy as having the right water to use. We use well water and pond water both have beneficial effects on the bacteria in our soil without the chemicals found municipal waters.

In addition to water, hemp requires a few essential nutrients such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. By using grow buckets the job of supplying nutrition to a plant for absorption doesn’t allow excess organics to drain through the soil since we don’t have water drain off. Organic soils do not require much nutritional supplementation because our soil is comprised of ingredients and minerals.

We stagger our planting so that we don’t overwhelm our drying, trimming and curing processes. Planning for what happens after our hemp is harvested is as important as fostering the crop from seedlings to harvest. Accordingly drying, curing and storage is where we make the magic happen. The drying process itself here is a multi-step finish starting with a staggered harvest allowing the drying racks plenty of air flow, when newly cut plants are full of moisture or wet from the field we cut and hang them upside down first we remove the flowers (buds) off the plants to reduce the natural moisture from the plants. We move the buds to our next processing room where we begin the controlled second step balancing the environment using humidifiers and dehumidifiers to balance the buds pretrimmed curing. After plants are dried, we strip them of the biomass for further processing.

Once the flowers have completed an additional week or two of slow controlled drying, they are trimmed and stored in food grade containers using a special burping process, which both stops the loss of moisture and enhances the terpenes while preserving flavors and aromas.

Our flowers are stored indoors in a climate-controlled environment sealed in food grade containers that protect from light and condensation. We control air movement as well as moisture in each container. The top-shelf flower stored food-grade, airtight, 5-gallon plastic containers with a separate dual valve air flow system. Our goal is flower enhancement with minimal need to shift the buds often during the final stage of curing we do not have to open or burp the containers to allow gas to escape during this stage.

Our flowers will do well using our long-term storage method so whether you are buying in bulk for personal use or to gift for hemp-derived CBD products to friends and family count on us to help you keep it fresh. So whether you choose to DIY finishing your personally harvested plant or have us mail to you the finished products all of our organic techniques that go into your hemp can product a memorable experience that can be preserved in an NFT.