Water Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is known to have a higher absorption rate than other forms of CBD products.  Because our CBD has been broken down using nano-emulsification into even smaller particles that can be easily absorbed by the body. For example, when you take 20mg of CBD oil, you will typically absorb 10-20% of the CBD from that dose. Studies have shown using nano-emulsification water-soluble CBD can have a bioavailability up to 4 times higher than lipid-soluble CBD oils.

Lipophilic CBD distillate will not disperse evenly in water resulting in dose irregularities and poor uptake into the body. The bioavailability of hydrophobic supplement actives is known to be improved using specially designed oil-in-water emulsions consisting of lipid droplets dispersed within water.  Water soluble CBD solution using food-grade emulsifiers allow you to experience the CBD cannabinoid more acutely.

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